About Us

About Personal Touch Green Home Cleaning

Personal Touch is an efficient, cost-effective professional home cleaning service meeting the needs of homeowners, realtors, custom home builders, renovators, property developers and managers within Greater Ottawa. We know that clean spaces bring peace of mind — and help get results when buying, selling, building/renovating or developing/managing properties.

The cleaners at Personal Touch are carefully selected for their thoroughness, reliability and pride in jobs well done. It is imperative that they meet and embody our principles and intentions, including provision of the very best service.

Janis Weaver, the founder of Personal Touch, understands that it's all about her clients. Every project is unique, with services tailored to meet individual needs and priorities. She's on call to simplify your life. Her team will handle the dirty work so that buying, selling, developing renovating or occupying a home is easy and efficient — all within spaces that sparkle!

Personal Touch Green Home Cleaning emerged out of Janis Weaver's rich experience engaging, leading and supporting people and projects in the business world. It continues to creatively apply her passion for connecting people and their needs with the best possible service providers. It also combines and supports her desire to make a difference in how we conduct business in a very connected world — something also reflected in her creation of the Professional Home Service Providers Network.

We're Principled and Practical!

Behind Personal Touch you'll discover strong principles, including —

  • It's not about what we provide, it's about what you need
  • If there are any concerns, we go above and beyond to 'make it right'
  • We strive to make life easier and more available for our clients, so they can get on with what they really want to do

At Personal Touch you'll find a business savvy and collaboration that reflect how —

  • Clean living involves clean spaces; clean spaces lead to clean transactions when dealing with personal living spaces.
  • Cleanliness and order foster healthy attitudes and approaches in personal and business relationships.
  • Polished service -- delivered with that Personal Touch -- brings traffic to your door and keeps positive referrals in circulation.
  • Our service is often crucial to real estate transactions. We know the territory -- and that other events depend on us, and other stakeholders are counting on us!
We Mean It When We Green It

We Mean It When We Green It!

This beautiful world of ours is beset by toxins affecting the air, water and food we ingest. So it is essential that we be conscious and educated in making wise choices, including about cleaning products. And we can rediscover the 'wisdom of the ages' — avoiding aftereffects while getting jobs safely done, using ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. With asthma and allergies on the rise, trends are toward health before wealth.

'Going green' strongly appeals to today's home buyers. Evidence that a cleaner is mindful enough to make the effort can move across many relationships, give rise rise to praise and referrals, and reflect positively on you as an agent, manager, or contractor.

At Personal Touch, our passion to learn and improve extends to our cleaning methods; we regularly research and safely test materials and processes. If there are surfaces in a home over which you have concerns, all is well. We know just the right products and methods to use so that these are protected while we get them really clean!

Testimonial – Tracy Robillard

Just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional cleaning job on my home by Elaine, to help get it in top shape to list for sale. As a realtor, presentation is everything, and the first rule of staging is CLEAN! It now shows like a brand new home, and I'm sure potential buyers will appreciate the difference. I also appreciated working with a company that came by referral from my neighbour, so I knew I did not need to worry - I could just head to the office and leave my home in your capable hands. I look forward to working with you again, not only on my home, but with my clients as well.

Tracy Robillard
Paul Rushforth Realty