Faster Sales

REALTORS — We Specialize in Real Estate Transactions

Realtors in the know appreciate the key role cleaning plays in how quickly and at what price a property is sold. Investments toward a sparkling tidy space can bring a return in the order of hundreds of percentage points. [Check out a 2012 survey at that suggests an ROI of over 400%, with 99% of realtors recommending it be included as part of the sales process.] It's an exercise that proves instrumental in selling properties faster and at higher prices. There are no second chances for those quick decisions buyers make off first impressions.

Those in real estate know that Personal Touch has the experience it takes — with buyers, sellers, agents, managers, builders, developers and renovators — to know the ropes, the routines and the requirements to ensure that this crucial aspect of home selling gets addressed, on time and on budget.

Top service from Personal Touch gives you a pivotal place among all the stakeholders involved in a successful real estate transaction. Our trusted, diplomatic and efficient ways at Personal Touch often lead us to offer suggestions and make referrals. Special requests are no problem. They're always addressed in the best interests of our principles, practices, clients and customers.

Whether you cover the cost of any cleanup as part of your service, or simply refer a client directly to Personal Touch, we'll make the arrangements and get the job done. You'll be a hero in their books, and often with others too. And, as you know, such consideration and results mean more referrals!

I have been affiliated with Janis for the past year and would recommend her to all of our clients. Janis is professional, reliable, works hard at pleasing all clients and is easy to communicate with. Not only does Janis go the extra mile for each and every client, she does this with a smile. We enjoy our relationship with Janis and look forward to working together in future.
Tracy Arnett, Tracy Arnett Realty Ltd. Brokerage

HOME SELLERS — Prep your properties — for fast, lucrative sales!

As any realtor will tell you, well-polished, clean, sparkling homes appeal to more buyers. Buyers go for properties that present well. When what they see is in good shape, what they can't see is more likely to also have been well-maintained.

Personal Touch and its dedicated team of cleaning professionals are ready and able to aid any realtor's sales team in preparing homes so they sell quickly and at top prices. Buyers decide on their level of interest within the first 7-10 seconds of setting eyes on a property; having it sparkle and shine is a top priority. You get only one chance to make a first impression!

In an unexpected turn of events, our Open House was moved up, leaving us little to no room to declutter and clean. Our realtor connected us with Personal Touch. Within a day, Janis visited to assess how much work was needed. Her consultation was very transparent and honest. Her checklist clearly indicated what the expectations were. As we had never used a cleaning service before, we appreciated the time she took to understand our needs and that she asked the right questions. Her ability to work within our short timeline was very much appreciated. Within a day, she had secured someone from her team and scheduled a cleaning. We recommend Personal Touch to anyone looking for cleaning services. The honesty, timeliness and professionalism . . . exceptional.
M&M, Residents of Little Italy, Ottawa, ON

PROPERTY DEVELOPERS AND HOME BUILDERS — Let's get your property ready for market!

As is often the case, subcontractors arrive to do their thing; while they get the job done, many leave behind in their wake plenty of dirt, splattered paint and more. But the stager and photographer are booked! Everyone is anxious to get this home listed, and the first showing is scheduled! So now what?

Personal Touch is at the ready! With only a phone call on your part, layers of dust and debris are cleaned up; toilets and sinks sparkle. Every surface is prepped and ready, whether for staging, photos, video, showing to prospects, or hosting an Open House.

Remember — buyers make decisions within 7-10 seconds of viewing a property, so you only get a one chance to make that first impression.

I have come to greatly appreciate the prompt, efficient and professional cleaning services offered by Personal Touch. I have used their services to clean all of my properties, whether it is before an open house or prior to new homeowners or tenants moving in. Janis is always responsive and does a great job, often on tight turnaround times. I will continue to rely on Personal Touch for my properties in the future, and have even begun using their services for my own home as well.
Mark Larose, President, Capital View Development Inc.