What's Next

Personal Touch applies five easy steps toward creating clean spaces

  • The initial consultation and site visit

  • Preparing an evaluation and creating an action plan with the client, including needs, terms, timeframes and cost estimates

  • Getting the job done, on time and within budget

  • A final inspection, including a follow-up review

  • Convenient Payment Terms

The Initial Consultation and Site Visit

After an initial chat by phone to scope out a project and its requirements, and to answer any questions you may have, Janis will arrange to meet you or your representative at the site to be cleaned. At that time, she will fold in your requirements and factors, including time and budget, to begin shaping an action plan. With your permission, she may take a short video or photos to help highlight special needs and priorities.

The Evaluation and Action Plan

The proposed plan will be sent to you for approval, including price and time estimates, and terms regarding unforeseen work (including notification and approval of such work), working around other contractors, scheduling changes caused by other parties, access to the site, etc. Terms of payment will be outlined as well. Once the plan and its estimates and terms have been approved, a time frame will be set. Personal Touch will then assign the cleaning team best suited for the project.

The Cleaning

Janis will arrange to be onsite when the cleaners arrive, to review the checklist, the space, special tasks, and questions the team may have. Then it's down to brass tacks and the cleaning begins! Clients may decide to remain onsite, or to vacate so they're not underfoot, returning to a clean, glistening environment.

Final Inspection and Follow-Up Review

Janis will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the agreed-to tasks have been completed to the highest of standards and best of abilities. If something needs to be dealt with after the fact, it is scheduled and taken care of as part of our 'make it right' philosophy. Feedback from the team is shared with the client (clogged drains, switches not working, burned out bulbs, scratches or other damage, areas not reachable, elements not cleanable) so that those matters can be addressed.

Convenient Payment Terms

Personal Touch invoices only work that has been agreed upon in advance or which has been added during the course of a project under agreed-to conditions. This includes all work by subcontractors within the scope of a particular project (e.g. carpet cleaning, painting, professional window cleaning, etc.). Invoices will be emailed within 48 hours of the closing of all aspects of the work and inspection. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, payment is due within 48 hours of receipt, and may be made by e-transfer or cheque.